Harry’s Story: Microdosing for Depression

Harry Tonn’s Journey to Overcoming Depression with Microdosing Psilocybin.  After twenty years of battling depression with medication, he found a glow of hope from taking microdosing psilocybin.


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A Long Battle with Depression

What is Microdosing Psilocybin?

The Microdosing Psilocybin Experience

Finding Support and Guidance


A Long Battle with Depression

Depression can be a relentless struggle, leaving feelings of hopelessness and a constant battle against negative thoughts. Harry knows this all too well. After two decades of battling depression with medication, he found himself longing for a more effective solution. This is where Harry’s story takes a hopeful turn. His encounter with psilocybin therapy, specifically microdosing, opened a door to his brighter future.


Microdosing Psilocybin as an alternatives for those suffering with depression?

Here at MicroDays we are passionate about offering viable alternatives for those suffering with depression and anxiety. Studies are producing very promising  results: Microdosing can help to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety and even help to reset our Default Mode Network. More research is needed in this area to pinpoint the mechanisms at play here and how exactly psilocybin can impact these mechanisms, however the plethora of personal success stories can also speak for itself. Just ask around, you might be surprised how many people’s lives have been positively impacted by magic mushroom microdosing. 

Here is Harry Tonn’s story:

Harry was at first apprehensive to try microdosing. He and his physician were working to adjust his prescribed medication regime, one he had been on for twenty years since first being diagnosed with depression. Harry was not satisfied with the results from this traditional approach to depression. Not only were many of his symptoms ongoing, requiring constant adjustments to the regime he was on, but he was tired of the effects the antidepressants had on him: 

As any person that takes antidepressants knows, antidepressants may mitigate the depressive aspects, but in doing so, they nullify any and all other emotive aspects of one’s personality.”

It was a friend who was experimenting with psilocybin,mushroom therapy to treat his own depression that introduced Harry to the concept of microdosing psilocybin. At first, Harry remained skeptical and uninterested but with time he began to see through his friend’s experience that there could be more to Microdosing than he had originally thought. This friend had found that using psilocybin was the most effective way to deal with his own ongoing depression issues, and finally Harry decided to try it for himself.


Finding Dissipation of Persistent Negative Rumination


“Within an hour I felt the benefits: clearer thinking, more energy and more importantly a dissipation of persistent negative rumination.”

“At first, I thought that this might be a placebo effect and hoped that this would not be the case. I continued taking a small dose and the results seemed to confirm that I was indeed benefiting from the dosage that I was taking.”

Harry has been microdosing on and off now for the past two years and has become an advocate for psilocybin mushroom therapy. He works with experienced practitioners and MicroDays to fine-tune his microdose program and experiment with different dosages and products. He also continues to take his traditional medications, still working to adjust his regime with his physician, but with another source of symptom mitigation: magic mushrooms. 

As he says: “I am well aware that depression is a complex problem that cannot be easily remedied by taking a pill. Depression, as I like to say, is a three dimensional problem that is affected not only by neurological, physical, and social influences, but also can be affected by seasonal and complex cognitive processes that are in the domain of psychology.”

At MicroDays, we understand that depression and anxiety are very complex conditions, we cannot claim that any one substance or experience can provide a complete remedy. All we can do is our best to support and understand one another and the complexity of human life and the way our brains and bodies work. 

As Harry put it, “We are, as depressives, a colony on a journey that is not well understood by the medical community and stigmatized by those who do not suffer from this misunderstood disease. I support the efforts of individuals who are making psilocybin available to those of us that require these. MicroDays is providing me with an essential service, done with exceptional taste.”

Harry Tonn

We see you Harry, thank you!


While this blog post doesn’t offer medical advice, there are resources available to help you on your journey.  We understand that navigating microdosing can be a journey, and we’re here to help.


If you are interested in learning more about microdosing and how it might help you. Check out our resources and connect with our network of experienced coaches who can provide support and guidance on your transformation.