Looking For More Support on Your
Microdosing Journey?

Maybe you’re ready to dig deeper and need a little guidance? We have put together a
group of coaches who are ready to support your transformation.

Melanie Waterfall

Meet Melanie, your guide to self-discovery, heart wisdom, empowerment and self-awareness.

Melanie helps individuals navigate challenges like anxiety, perfectionism, and self-doubt. From sensitivity to spiritual development, Melanie offers support and guidance tailored to each individual’s unique journey. Together, clients move from surviving to thriving, unlocking their highest potential and manifesting abundance.

Melanie provides guidance with Preparation & Integration for these Medicines: Psilocybin & 4-HO-MET, Cannabis, 5Meo-DMT, MDMA & 3MMC.

Additionally, she offers Microdosing Support with various Psychedelics and welcomes exploration with other psychedelic plant medicines/entheogens.

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Michael Oliver

Meet Michael, a community builder, business optimizer and guide based in Vancouver BC.

Since graduating with a degree in Cognitive Systems from UBC, Michael worked as the Volunteer Coordinator and Executive Assistant for MAPS Canada for 3 years.

During this time, Michael founded The Flying Sage, a community and apparel brand on a mission to democratize transcendence. Additionally, Michael serves as a guide through his own practice Legacy Journeys where he offers transformative psychedelic experiences towards embodiment and lasting change.

Now, Michael also spends time helping creators and entrepreneurs build sustainable, profitable and meaningful wellness communities through Community Compass.

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Gaia Sophia

Meet Gaia Sophia, a beacon of light and wisdom on the path to personal and spiritual growth.

With a heart full of compassion and a deep well of knowledge, Gaia is dedicated to guiding individuals through life’s challenges and facilitating profound transformation.

Currently pursuing her Masters in Counseling, Gaia blends academic rigor with ancient wisdom as she supports clients through soul challenges, helping them navigate life with grace and resilience. Gaia creates a safe and sacred space for clients to explore their inner landscape and unlock their innate healing potential.

As a pipe-carrier and sweat-lodge pourer, she conducts sacred ceremonies that honor interconnectedness and provide space for healing and renewal. As a master energy worker, Gaia harnesses subtle energies to facilitate deep healing and transformation.

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