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Jamie L.


I’ve tried many different microdose products and I have to say that MicroDays is my favourite. Delicious and easy on the stomach.

   FocusDays Capsules

  FocusDays Chocolate Bar After 9

Richard S.

02.18. 2024

I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with these products. I found my sweet spot with EasyDays for day-to-day microdosing and DefenderDays for functional mushrooms. The PartyDays with Bee Pollen caps are great for going out and avoiding booze and the hangover.

 EasyDays Chocolate Bar Hazel Eyes

 DefenderDays Capsules

 PartyDays Capsules with BeePollen

Jane Z.


Finally some delicious microdose chocolate that is not only beautiful but also get me that perfect kind of lifted. I definitely recommend chocolate over capsules, although the capsules were good, the chocolate is great.

   EasyDays Capsules

  EasyDays Chocolate Bar After 9

Ariah L.


I love that MicroDays is women owned. Their products are gorgeous. Feminine and luxurious. I highly recommend the Lemon Crunch chocolate!

   EasyDays Chocolate Bar Tea Time

  EasyDays Chocolate Bar Lemon Crunch

  DefenderDays Chocolate Bar Hazel Eyes

  FocusDays Truffles and Bonbons

Danny R.


BetterDays alright. I really like the BetterDays products. I just wish I could get an 18 piece box of truffles and bonbons. They are too good and the perfect boost for me.

   BetterDays Capsules

  BetterDays Truffles and Bonbons

Sam T.


I chose MicroDays for my first microdose experience because I love that they source locally. I was very impressed. FocusDays is my favourite dose for outdoor adventures and I prefer EasyDays for a day at work or with my family. Thank you MicroDays for helping me get back in touch with fun and spontaneity.

  EasyDays Truffles and Bonbons

  FocusDays Truffles and Bonbons

Judy A.


We are obsessed MicroDays microdose products. I prefer FocusDays over EasyDays and my wife likes BetterDays. We highly recommend!

   EasyDays Chocolate Bar After 9

  FocusDays Chocolate Bar Hazel Eyes

  BetterDays Chocolate Bar Tea Time

  BetterDays Chocolate Bar Lemon Crunch

Terry H.


I take a lot of supplements and I appreciate having another option with DefenderDays chocolates. It is a pleasant change that has added more enjoyment into my morning routine. Thanks!

   Daily Defender Capsules

  DefenderDays Chocolate Bar After 9

  DefenderDays Chocolate Bar Magnificus

  DefenderDays Chocolate Bar Hazel Eyes

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