about us

MicroDays is a Canadian supplier of 100% organic, small-batch, BC-grown, psilocybin and functional mushrooms.

We’ve crafted a line of delightful microdose and functional mushroom products created to inspire, uplift, and nourish.

  • 100% natural
  • no fake sugars
  • GMO free
  • fair trade
  • no additives
  • no preservatives
  • no pesticides

how we grow our mushrooms

All of our mushrooms are grown by our passionate fungiculturalists with over 10 years experience dedicated to growing the best mushrooms in the world.

Cultivating all of our products in house allows us to maintain strict quality control from the farm to your doorstep without the addition of any unwanted fillers.

Our products are available in:

Our products are created to progress from a low dosage for “EasyDays” to higher dosages for “DivineDays” in a single sumptuous chocolate experience or capsule.

This trajectory is reflected in our branding rainbow.

We use Semperviva

What sets us apart from your
typical microdosing company?

All of our microdose products contain a psilocybin-active mycellium called Semperviva as well as psilocybe Cubensis. The addition of Semperviva softens the transition of felt microdose effects as well as helps to ensure our products land gently in the stomach, preventing any nausea that can occur with other psilocybin-containing products. Carefully curated, this special blend of Semperviva and Cubensis contains all the ingredients necessary for a truly sublime microdose experience.


Everything is designed with you in mind

The world is changing quickly. More folks than ever are facing obstacles to their wellbeing.

As a response to this, we are deeply excited about offering viable alternatives to addictive, synthetic, and pharmaceutical options for those struggling with their mental health as well as physical ailments. 

We wanted to create a new microdosing product that is gentle enough that it can be taken daily without interruption to function. Something designed to uplift and inspire but in your actual life, with your family, in your work, or on your play days. With our wide range of products, the user can find the kind of day that works for them from Easy to Divine.

What inspires us

Know Thyself – Heal Thyself

We believe in the power of the plant medicine we supply. Studies have shown that the potential for mushrooms to uplift, treat, relieve, and nourish is immense. Our curated line of MicroDays products is your pathway in. We understand that when we know ourselves, we can begin to heal ourselves.


Plant medicine simplified

Nurturing growth.

Inspiring transformation.

Our products are gentle, delicious, and beautiful: they are intended to enhance mood, promote light-heartedness, and lend to connectivity and creation. All of this is part of our wider mission: to encourage self-paced personal growth that makes way for transformation. With our range of products from the delicate and sub-perceptual to the mildly euphoric and transcendent, this microdosing journey can be tailored to fit anyone. 


the details

From the premium ingredients that make up our delicious chocolates, to the subtle details such as capsules coloured with spirulina, taro, and turmeric to differentiate your supplements, we’ve carefully considered it all.