Build Your Own Bundle

We’re all different and we love that. Mix and match and build your own bundle with just the right functional and microdose mushroom products to align with your unique goals and intentions.

This is plant medicine simplified.


How does it work?

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Delicate Mood



Subtle Shift in Mood, Increased

Connectivity, Access to Motivation


Moderately Psychoactive, Heightened

Senses, Access to Deeper Connection


Euphoric Shift in Perception, General

Sense of Softening, Access to Deep Creativity


Fight Inflammation, Protect Cellular

Integrity, and Supply Antioxidants

500MG (Functional)

Reduce Fatigue, Improve

Libido, and Aid Endurance

500MG (Functional)

Enhance Cognition, Support Nervous

System, and Balance Mood

500MG (Functional)

Alleviate Anxiety, Ease Depression,

and Manage Stress

500MG (Functional)

Bundle Contents

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